About Us

The Barbados Cactus and Succulent Society was formed on Thursday, 2nd February, 1961. A committee was appointed consisting of the following persons: Mr.F.M.Coulter, Hon. Chairman; Mrs. F.M. Coulter, Hon. Secretary; Dr. Bentley Storey, Hon. Treasurer; Ms.G.L.W.Clarke, Committee Member; Mrs. J. C. Kellman, Committee Member and  Mr. Anthony Hunte, Committee Member. Mrs. F.M. Coulter represented the Cactus Society on the Committee of Management of the Barbados Horticultural Society.  

The first show was a display as part of the Barbados Horticultural Society show at the Barbados Museum, March17th and 18th, 1961. The first set of rules governing the society was drawn up by the Management Committee on April 10th, 1962 at the office of Messrs. Evelyn Roach & Co. The membership fee was then set at 50 cents. There were 16 founding members.

 In 1970, the Society became a separate entity where members were not required to be members of the Barbados Horticultural Society. 

At the Annual Flower and Garden Show of the Barbados Horticultural Society (2011) there were 482 entries represented by 599 specimens from 23 competitors 17 of which were members of the society.  The display of the Barbados Cactus and Succulent Society won The National Conservation Commission Cup for the ‘Best Display At the Show’.